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These past 15 months have changed my life. I've gone from being a tired and very unhealthy guy to being a very tired and somewhat healthier guy. :) Doesn't sound like much, but it is. I've lost about 125 pounds and have taken up running as a form of exercise.... and a hobby.

Yes, I said it. A hobby. My nerd side has allowed me to take the statistical side of running and turn it into something I can relate to. I've used multiple apps on my phone to track data such as distance, pace, personal records, and most recently heart rate. I even picked up a TomTom Multi-cardio watch a few weeks ago in order to take things to the next step.

I'm not saying I'm ready to run a marathon. I'm not even saying that I'm the fastest person in my neighborhood. But for a guy my size, I do ok. I have my eyes on my first official race in September, the Brookfield Zoo Run Run. We'll have to see how that goes. Hopefully, I'll avoid completely embarassing myself. :)

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About Me

My name is Joe Malinowski (also known as DeGoat11). I was born on June 21, 1980 in Chicago, Illinois. I have been married to my wife Christy since the end of October 2006. I have my Bachelor's Degree, as well as my Master's degree from Northern Illinois University in computer science. I enjoy bowling, baseball, and football. I am even the administrator of my very own Football Office Pool. (My Beliefs...)

About this Site

Welcome to my Web Site. Please let me know what you think of it. I'm still developing it, and trying to learn more and more each day. I've had my own web site for about 8 years now. I used to use Frontpage and various other web design tools, however I now stick to using Crimson Editor. I find that it gets much easier to fix problems when you actually look at the code, instead of what Microsoft tells you is there.

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